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We custom design, install, and support Microsoft, Novell, and UNIX Networks. The designs are based on company and software needs, taking into consideration scalability for future growth. Once a layout has been established, we then install the cabling or wireless infrastructure and then build/order the workstations and server(s) which will utilize the network.



Through the years we have found a tremendous need for software support as well as the hardware support. This prevents the blame game of where hardware vendors will blame the software and software vendors will blame the hardware. All we can say is the buck stops here.

Our firm is certified in multiple software packages and even designs/programs custom software solutions to ensure you get the best service possible.


We empower you to do the monthly bookkeeping so you may get the detail you need to better manage and grow your business or organization. This will save your business a lot of money in the long run from the monthly outsourced bookkeeping expense to having the detailed information you need to better grow your organization. We can import your accounting data in to our tax software. This will help you save money with less time spent entering your data manually in the tax software and more time available for us to analyze the data and get you the best tax effect.  Give us a call today!


Through our 20+ years of experience we provide hardware from select sources which have proved to be stable and reliable over the years. When we custom build workstations and servers we use Intel Components due to their reliability and reputation in the computer industry.


A need has risen for heightened security.  So much is invested in technology, so much sensitive data resides on our computers and travels over the internet. We offer various solutions in both hardware and software to protect you against threats.  Content filtering solutions ensure access to the internet is funneled down to only the needs of your company which helps prevent threats against your investment.

Network workstations open to user changes allows threats to make changes too. Now there is a solution where we can "lock down" the workstation to prevent the threats but allow your applications to run.


Custom web site solutions. Whether you need Exchange Hosted E-Mail, a full blown e-commerce web site, or an intranet to better deliver information within your organization, we can help. We use the most current tools and topologies to design and deliver your solution. We can develop a web solution you can maintain or we can maintain it. Either way you can rest assured you will receive the attention you deserve in the development of your vision and in the on going maintenance of your web solution.

Pricing varies based on your needs, so please call us to discuss your web vision.


We provide new and maintain phone systems as well as install cabling.  We service and sell Panasonic PBX & IP Systems, Cisco Hybrid and IP based system, & Grandstream.  Complete IP/SIP based solutions and/or Hosted IPPBX solutions available depending on the need and bandwidth availability in your area.


Due to increased threats a need has arisen for detailed video surveillance. By detailed we mean an actual image which has enough clarity to use in the aid of capturing an offender. We provide DVRs and Computer Based DVRs which record in high resolution during the day and night. Both solutions also offer the ability to insert a digital watermark on the video which is required by the courts to ensure the video has not been tampered with. We have options for remote viewing via mobile or your computer at home or work. Please give us a call to go over your needs and safe guard your investments.


Mobile and laptop screen repair.  Mobile phones and laptops are expensive.  It is is much more cost effective to repair sometimes than it is to replace.  We are not able to repair all types of mobile phones or laptops, so please give us a call to see if we can service your mobile device.